Salsa is a fantastic dance, filled with energy. It is a cheerful dance, that can help you spice up your life and at the same time improves you fitness-level, while you are having fun.


The dance is well known all over the world and almost every capital has clubs, where you can listen and dance to salsa music.

You can dance salsa regardless of your age and it is not necessary to bring a dance partner to participate in the classes.

At Baila Siempre, the classes are mainly based on teaching Cuban style salsa, but to improve the students skills, we also teach elements from Cross Body, Reggaeton, Bachata and other dances related to salsa.

We mainly dance in couples, but teach steps and movements individually as well.

Erodys from Cuba and Tenna from Denmark will be teaching the classes and with a great amount of patience, they will guide you through the salsa universe.

We teach the following dances: Casino, Rueda de Casino, Son, Rumba, Chachacha, Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue, Mambo and Afro Cuban Dances, as well as classes in timing, footwork and styling.